City Cloud is one of the leading cloud computing services (IaaS) in Europe. Create your virtual servers in our control panel in under 30 seconds and change the hardware profile to fit your needs. Different hardware profiles have different prices and you only pay by the hour for the resources that you allocate. Our wide range of pre-installed images offer everything from the most popular Operating systems to complete L.A.M.P, L.E.M.P and WordPress environments. Let City Cloud give your business the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency that it deserves!
City Cloud is a secure, scalable and redundant platform for cloud computing. Built with hardware and software from world leading companies such as DELL and Cisco, we provide one of the fastest growing IaaS platforms in Europe. We have multiple data centers in Scandinavia and plan to launch several more all around Europe shortly.

Most popular profiles

€ 0,014 per hour
1 core
0,5 GB RAM
20 GB System disk
1TB transfer/month
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€ 0,10 per hour
4 core
20 GB System disk
1TB transfer/month
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€ 0,63 per hour
16 core
128 GB RAM
20 GB System disk
1TB transfer/month
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Multiple locations
Choose a location and launch your first server in under 30 seconds

Extreme power
Hardware profiles for all your needs up to 16 cores and 128GB RAM

Scale up, down or sideways to fit your needs and only pay for what you use

You don´t have to be an expert to start using City Cloud and we try to make things as simple as possible for all types of users. Our pre-installed images come in different shapes and forms for all kinds of needs. Just choose your hardware profile, image and additional disc space and your are on your way!

Windows - WordPress - Ruby - Ubuntu - Magento - L.A.M.P - Red Hat - Joomla - op5 Monitor - Free BSD - Minecraft server - Fedora

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