Founded in 2000, 7HOST delivers complex managed hosting solutions and high-end application services to a broad spectrum of businesses,
from turnkey application packages designed for small and mid-sized businesses, to full scale IT infrastructures for industry leaders.
This includes highly profitable companies who make the fiscally sound decision to outsource, instead of maintaining a large scale IT department.

Virtual private servers

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers so that everyone has the functionality of a dedicated server with its own share of RAM, CPU and hard drive. Each VPS has its own operating system (Windows or Linux) where you can install and manage their software and reboots independently of the other VPS on the same server. The VPS are the perfect solution to install and manage autonomously their own web server, Mail Server and FTP Server.


Direct management of the server (root access)
Systems on Linux or Windows
Semi-managed VPS
Websites Unlimited
Free Control Panel (Webmin CP)
Dedicated resources
Storage and redundant resources
Dedicated IP
Team specialized support
No setup fee
No hidden charge

You can configure your own plan visiting our cloud vps section

Virtual servers share the available resources (CPU, RAM, and disk) and each VPS has dedicated resources. The data is allocated on a Cloud, though advanced storage on SAN. The disks do not reside on a single server, but on an array of disks in a RAID5 configuration.

All servers for hosting in our Datacenter are protected with firewall, AVG Antivirus Server, RAID and UPS systems.

Based in Chieti, Central Italy, 7HOST has its own highly secure datacenter in Milan which includes a state-of-the-art network, and total fiber optic connectivity for high-speed reliable service.

The Internet never stops and neither do we.

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