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Thread: How to Install UnixBench on Dedicated Server - Post Your Benchmark!

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    Question How to Install UnixBench on Dedicated Server - Post Your Benchmark!

    UnixBench is a very useful utility for benchmarking Linux systems, and creating reports for recording and comparison to other systems. It can be run on a dedicated server, VPS, or any system with shell/terminal access.

    To install UnixBench, access your system as root, and run the following commands:
    apt-get install build-essential libx11-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libxext-dev

    tar xvfz UnixBench5.1.3.tgz
cd UnixBench

    If you can install UnixBench successfully, post your dedicated server or VPS benchmark here!
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    Is this useful / helpfull? Yes | No

    Using ServerBear is another option, the results can be public or private. :-)

    Regards, Daniel

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