Q: Im mainly interested in Singapore reseller plan for 9.95usd. I have one existing customer who currently have Positive SSL bought from Namecheap. Will cost me anything when i want to have that SSL used on one of my resold account at SkyNetHosting?
A: You can use the SSL certificate your customer already has and we will not charge you for it

Q: "FREE shared SSL connection" - so on 9.95 singapore reseller, i will be able to ssl secure any number of hosted domains? But it wont show green paddlock and needs everytime confirm its not signed certifficate?
A: For reseller hosting packages we will be offering ComodoSSL which does not come with the green padlock. If you require the green bar SSL certificate, you can purchase it at:
Comodo EV SSL - $199.95/Year
Note: External Cert - The SSL install domain may or may not resolve to our server. If you are hosting the cert with us, you may purchase a dedicated IP separately. This requires extended validation, please make sure sure you are eligible for a cert before purchasing the cert. Please visit http://ssl.comodo.com/ev-ssl-certificates.php for more details.

You can secure your each of your websites by having a SSL certificate installed on each of the websites. You can purchase the ComodoSSL certificate bundle with a dedicated IP at the following price:
Positive SSL Cert $14.95/Year + SINGAPORE Dedicated IP $36/Year

Q: "Please can send me IP/s of the reseller hosting geolocations so i cant test pings from various countries? Mainly interested in Singapore and USA."
A: To test our Singaporean connection speed, you can use *
We offer reseller hosting service from 2 DC's
Ashburn IP to ping - *
Phoenix IP to ping - *


// skynethosting technical support is OK, it is not super fast, especially i think on weekend there can be the delay.
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