in settings of WHMCS, i see an option: Include Product Downloads (Tick to include Product Associated Downloads in the Downloads Directory)

i have it unticked and i know i have a few products downlaods, so im unsure what does this means?


In your client area there's a Support > Download section. Typically downloads that are associated with products are not shown here, and are only shown in the Downloads tab of the product after it's been purchased.

If you check the "Include Product Downloads" option then this will cause all Product Associated Downloads (downloads that you've added to products) to show up at Support > Downloads.

Here is a screenshot of where the downloads show up with it checked:

This does not enable clients to download files associated with products that they've not yet paid for. This option only enables them to see all product associated downloads in the downloads section.

When attempting to download a file associated with a product that they do not own then they encounter the following error message:
Downloading this item requires you to have an active instance of the following product/service

In short, there is a download section in the Client Area at Support > Downloads.
Checking that option simply makes it so all Product Associated Downloads are displayed in it.
It does not allow users who've not purchased the required product to download them, just see that they exist.

I hope this clarifies the function of this checkbox. Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist with.