im looking for hosting company which can provide me WHM/cPanel reseller account.

I dont care about GEO location. So far im hosting one year with hostgator and namecheap. Hostgator suspended me after like 5 abuse complaints and namecheap want to suspend me now after like 12 complaints so far. (so around 17 complaint emails so far in period of one year, i dont think thats extremelly high number - im having more than 50 resold accounts atm). The complaints are of this nature: fake company website, an phishing website which pretend to be an bank login page, some small spammer - thats basically it..

Are you a hosting company? Would you be willing to host my reseller account at these circumstances? I assume max. around 3 abuse reports monthly. I will work with you to decrease this number. I usuALLY REPLY IN 24 HOURS TO SOLVE/SUSPEND VIOLATION. But i welcome if you suspend resold account yourself and close the case - automatically. But you must never suspend my whole reseller account suddenly without prior notiffication because that would cause downtime to my loyal customers and i will be very unhappy with your company.

- Ability to buy additional IPs for SSL certs.
- hosting not against porn and casino content (which is not illegal thing at all)
- would welcome more than 20gb of disk space and more than 200gb of data transfer

Please can anyone provide me reseller hosting? I would welcome competetive pricing like at namecheap and hostgator