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Thread: Are you making money as an affiliate?

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    Are you making money as an affiliate?

    how to make money online only using affiliate website , do anyone making living successfully using affiliate marketing .

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    One short period i have been making money with Hostgator affiliate program. They pay $50 per one person who order webhosting services from them!
    I used blackhat posting (Xrumer, Scrapebox) to promote it, but after SW price, very little money earning.
    I think if one want to make affiliate income, he should have a website publishing tutorials and info. his targeted people is interested in. You english must be very good, i think you will loose visitors if you write poor non native english. (like mine)

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    so means for non native english speakers its tough to make money through affiliate or without outsourcing the work like written articles etc .

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    Yeah, i always prefer affiliate marketing with respect to online earning.

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    Yep, I had a good run with affiliate program. The secret I used was use Facebook to reach my audience, preferably my friends and family who wanted a website of their own.

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    Yes we are making money with our different affiliate website projects, currently we launched our price comparison website i.e. Compare Panda designed and developed by our professionals at iLead Digital with dedication. So, it is our personal experience affiliate marketing is a definite guaranteed way to make living successfully. Thanks
    Adeel Farooq - CEO at iLead Digital
    Email: [email protected] Skype: adeel_ilead

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    Make the website about one thing.It can be about other stuff, too, but choose one primary topic that is most essential to your message.This step is important, so you may want to do a little keyword research before choosing a topic.
    local seo brisbane

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    I used to, but google changes left me broken.

    Now I am doing programing..

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    Hello to everyone,

    Binomo affiliate programme offers great terms for their affiliates.

    Please visit BINPARTNER.COM and learn more!

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    Not yet, but thinking about making money as an affiliate for a long time. Though I guide so many people for becoming a successful affiliate, still wondering about jumping into that field.

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