Hi, which set of software is the best for reseller hosting? I mean what to install on server for hosting reselling?

This is what i compiled:

==== Billing software + automatic hosting account setup ====
A) WHMCS - $15/mo.
B) WHMCS + reseller account from some company = $15/mo.
C) WHMC nulled = $0

==== Hosting Control panel for clients ====
A) cPanel/WHM - $15/mo.
B) DirectAdmin (onetime price)

==== Jailing / separating client accounts by assigning server resources ====
A) CloudLinux(no openvz) - $10/mo.
B) CSF! - $0/mo.
C) Better Linux - $9/mo.
D) A few more anti attack scripts: http://solidshellsecurity.com/tools/chkrootkit-automatic-script-installer.php (See menu "Products")

Varnish Cache! - free! - https://www.varnish-cache.org/about OR: http://nginxcp.com/about/
Litespeed ($20 - expensive thing, alternative: nginx, lighttpd, probably simplier to stay with free apache)