i have had servers (both ovh, ovh US, Kimsufi) in OVH for around 3 years. My experience is overal good. I have an impression of a good company which delivers what is promissed.
THere was more than 10 abuse complaints of SPAM, DoS, Phishing (i think), i reacted quickly always and there was no issue.
The uptime was PERFECT, i did not experienced downtime or hardware failure on any of the servers (i tried around 5 servers for 3-4 years period).
THe setup time quite good. PayPal payment on ovh.US servers
The email support (i have Czech republic support), the Czech support staff is absolutelly perfect and very helpfull, if they loose this staff, it will be great loose for their company customers in Czech republic.

- April 2014 - VPS setup was within 10 minutes

Do you have experience with OVH servers?