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Thread: Tutorial: How to ftp some files from linux server using lftp

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    Tutorial: How to ftp some files from linux server using lftp

    install lftp using command: yum install lftp
    confirm "Y"

    Then move to directory with your file you want to send to remote FTP.

    cd /directory/subdirectory
    Then do command:

    lftp ftp://ftpusername@ftpServerIPorDomain
    then you will be invited to type password tot hat ftp.
    then you will type command
    put filenameyouwanttoupload

    you can also get filename from ftp server.

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    Absolutely amazing tutorial, thank you very much. I have passed it on to my mates from top resume, who were curious whether it's possible to do this operation easy. Thank you

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    thanks for the link!

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