Please help to sell the 150+ domains very urgently due to continuous harassment by some extremely powerful people, which is causing a lot of health problems. The harassment includes surveillance for nearly four years now, which can be considered to be human rights abuse, misuse of my name, interception of emails, all done wasting tax payer money.

These greedy cruel powerful people are claiming that the domains are owned by their cunning young girlfriends, who are not actually not spending a single penny towards domain renewals but get a lot of powers because of the shameless promotion and lies of their powerful backers. These cunning girlfriends have been given great powers by these men, and they are misusing these powers to harass me further by intercepting emails, stealing lucrative assignments and cause further financial losses by delaying approvals. This also makes it difficult to sell these domains. there is no redressal mechanism to stop the harassment by these men, and their greedy girlfriends.

Will consider all prices higher than renewal prices, these domains were registered in 2007. contacting anyone by email, phone or sms is difficult since my emails, phone calls and smses are intercepted. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.