as computer screen sizes and resolutions are increasing, small default vbulletin font size appeared too small to me. So i went into changing fonts from Stylevar Editor. I got lost, but i found myself and here is how i changed it, so it may help you too. Please share your thoughts and ideas.


I did it into acceptable state, go to AdminCP / Styles & Templates / Style Manager / Style Variable Editor (Go)

then type "font" into Search Stylevar field.
Then i editted following entries:

FOnt - forum name and thread name! + other general fonts (i have 14)

Small_FontSize - homepage forum descriptions + other fonts (i have 13)

postbit_font - post text (i have 14)

header_font - top welcome user menu like: Welcome admin, logout, Private messages, etc. (i have 13)

PS: 3.x vBulletin versions may lack of Style Variable Editor and font sizes can be editted from / Style Manager / Main CSS