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Thread: Paid To Cllick script/plugin for MyBB forum script

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    Paid To Cllick script/plugin for MyBB forum script

    Very soon I will lunch a forum. I will use MyBB forum script for my forum. Before lunch the forum I want a Paid To Click script/plugin for my forum. I provide some details feature which I want in my plugin...............

    * Member can earn by clicking PTC ads
    * Member can buy PTC credits with their earnings
    * Member can upgrade their account at anytime by paying some money
    * Details statistics for advertiser's advertisements
    * Member can play adgrid game.
    * Member can cash-out their earnings via paypal or payza or both two.

    I don't know how much money I need to pay for this. If there any script writer then, please bid here with your max price.

    thanks for reading.

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    i would guess such a forum Mod/Plugin is not yet available, cheaper would be to get already made ptc script and install on new domain or subdomain, but thats probably not what you want.

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