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Thread: Nameservers, each from another country?

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    Nameservers, each from another country?


    i see some domain has 4 nameservers set and each IP is from another country. What does this actually mean? they have 4 servers and some of them serves only as a redirect? Or what is good on having different geolocation nameservers?

    i have WHM/cpanel VPS but not sure what is the easiest way to clone server to different servers soit is redundant

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    Using multiple name servers for domain name provides redundancy, and ensure your website's availability at all times.

    If, for some reason, your primary name server cannot be reached, your visitor's DNS request is routed to the secondary name server set for the domain. If second one too not reachable, request is route to next name server.

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    With more name servers, it will guarantee your site uptime. So, if first DNS down, then it the second DNS will up, so your site will remains up.

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