Hi, just experienced an issue (my fault)

VPS was not setup automatically after payment.

The cause in my case? I did not added my new server into group which is selected on Product / MyVPS / Module Settings

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Also you need to have that group in: Setup / Product/Services / Servers - and then you must have (A) your server added. (B) Created group and in this group add your server too.

From WHMCS support:
This error message (Curl Error: 6 - Couldn't resolve host) indicates that you don't have a server selected for the account to be setup on. There are a few points you should check:

* Ensure you have a default server set in Setup > Products/Services > Servers (denoted by an asterisk *) and that a server is selected on the account that you are trying to setup.

* If a server group has been configured ensure at-least one server has been added to the group.

* The module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Servers is the same as the module selected under Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab.