hosting providers regularly see cases where fraud and copyright infringement sites are hosted. Resellers are usually even more pressed and afraid, because datacenter will suspend their reseller account if there are many complaints, this can lead to quick suspensions of account without prior notiffication. Im not sure what is your atitude to this, but i got a customer whom i suspended, he then explained me the case and i forgiven him putting his site back online.

[Visitor] I'm deeply disapointed
[Visitor] by your company
[Visitor] I find you a resonable person
[operator] i understand it is a big trouble for you being suspended suddenly
[operator] yes, it can be false accusation or something
[operator] i also experienced this

[Visitor] if somebody else ever call you

[Visitor] please make them to fill a written complaint
[Visitor] I want to see it and my lawyer too
[Visitor] no just words
[Visitor] on the phone
[Visitor] I appreciate your business
[Visitor] and I appreciate you understand my point of view

[Visitor] I need a pre-notification in write
[Visitor] or something
[Visitor] I'm not asking too much
[Visitor] I need to know with few days before, "in write"
[Visitor] by email
[Visitor] this is the way business is done
I appreciate my customer and he given me a leson which i want to rember. I want to see myself in customer situation, and i will not suspend any precious customer website just because an unconfirmed complaint.

What to ask/require from Police?
- explain on what ground You are demanding to reveal my customer's private information
- verify Your name, phone and physical address in the US
- email or mail an authorized warrant where it is explained on what ground the customer's personal information should be disclosed to You

"Any disclosure of a Personal Identifiable Information must be ordered from a Court or Tribunal ( same as premises search, where the police will need search warrant)"