I tested a new website service for webmasters, its named RankTrader

RankTrader is a new marketing game for webmasters, wherein you can earn money and promote your site at the same time.

How does it work? As a webmaster, you need to first signup and submit your website on RankTrader. You can then make public offering to sell virtual shares of your site on the market. When an investor sees your site and decides to purchase shares of it, you benefit by getting an additional income.

RankTrader helps you promote your website. If you are someone who provides free useful contents, services, runs support forum, or some sort of group to help people, then there could not be any better way for your audience to get involved in the process to support you or to help you grow your websites and services. Your readers can get involved, and invest on your website. They can help you with additional income to keep your website up and running and your services free forever.

have a look on the quick guide :


here you will find a video how to register your website:


RankTrader is first of its kind virtual stock market for websites, which has opened its doors to all websites - small and big. If you are a webmaster and would like to get involved on this revolutionary concept, then you can register your website right now (completely free!) and get 50$ worth of free bonus!

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