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Thread: Can we earn enough money with PTC site ?

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    Question Can we earn enough money with PTC site ?

    I want to make some cash online without any investment. My friend told me that PTC is the best and easiest way to earn money online without any investment. But I think that we can't make enough money with PTC site without any investment. Because as a free member we can't earn more than $1 in a month. This mean we can earn $12 in one year. Yes, currently I also joined some PTC site as a free member. But I don't click regularly. I click when I am free in computer.

    Let me know about your feedback about PTC earning. . . . . .
    I hope you all will share your feedback . . . .

    Thanks for reading.

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    Yes you cannot earn more money by free member. You get money only between $2- $10/ per month. I am member on zapbux. It is good PTC. Working fine now. having 100 day + on internet. RR avg above 1.5 for all free and golden member. Many person gets 200% ROI within 2 month. I have got 41%(45$ cash out) ROI within 1.5 month. Next month I will get 250%+ . Check my user name shreeharisg on stat you will see my avg. of RR. Please join under my referral link. You will be my first DR. I will help you when you need on zapbux forum. click on below link to join.

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    Thanks for your information.
    Currently I clicks some ads on Clicksia and Incentria and two others.
    I have a proposal for you. I will join other PTC site with your referral link. And you would join other PTC site with my referral link. If you interested then reply here or send me PM for more details.

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    If you have a cheap or free internet connection,a ptc is worth using, otherwise you will very little money .

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    i think PTC requires alot of work, for example getting advertisers.. but i might be wrong. i would like to run ptc, but not much money and time

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    In my journey to make money online, I am also trying to join in PTC site, yes indeed it's free, but the problem is this is not giving decent earnings and need a long time to eligible cashout minimum requirement, and not all PTC site as legit, better check about these PTC site reputation. But if one wants to make quick money, forex trading is possible, but the problem is not all traders able to make money in forex trading without good skill, forex is a risky business

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