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Thread: What is Reseller Hosting ????

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    Exclamation What is Reseller Hosting ????

    I am new in internet life. You may laugh at me when I will say that what is reseller hosting !!!
    Yes, I don't know the ABC of reseller hosting. Is there anybody who can tell me in details about reseller hosting ? . . . .Please . . . .

    Thanks for reading. . . . .

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    Thank You for asking usefull question Noman.

    >Hosting< is about having an rented disk space on some computer. You put website files there and buy a domain so people can read the website.

    >Reseller hosting< is similar, you have web control panel where you can create new hosting accounts. Meaning you create an account with some quota (100MB disk, 1000MB data transfer monthly, or similar) and send your friend URL where he can upload his website data. Its quite simple and reseller plans starts at lower than 10usd monthly.

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    This mean I can start small web-hosting company with reseller hosting, isn't it ?

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    A reseller hosting is something that company which is we organized and developed all hardware and software, setup all infrastructure and staff. Are providing some hosting ( a space on server) to reseller in rental basis. Reseller then sell hosting, domain and other web service of parent hosting with high prices. reseller get commission on each sale. Reseller own some web space, domains and plans in rental basis.

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    Reseller hosting means renting storage space and bandwidth from a web hosting company and then selling it to your clients. Reseller hosting is the most effective and affordable way to start your own web hosting business. There are 2 ways of Reseller Hosting: One is Linux Reseller Hosting and another one is Windows Reseller Hosting. Depends on you and your need. Nowadays, it’s easy to start a web hosting company with Reseller Hosting.

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    Reseller hosting is where businesses sell website space to other businesses or individuals. The website reseller will buy a large amount of server storage space and bandwidth from a provider with data centers, like ourselves.

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    Reselling web space to other companies or individuals is known as reseller hosting. If you own a number of internet businesses, managing them all might be a challenge. Reseller hosting enables you to manage all of your websites with a single login.
    Their advantages include-
    1. Reduced expenses and costs. Many resources are provided while keeping costs cheap in its hosting packages.
    2. Maintenance-free living.
    3. Total command over all available resources.
    4. Creating a profit.
    5. More options than the standard plans.
    6. Use of a graphical user interface

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    Reseller hosting is a Web hosting business strategy in which a Web hosting provider allows an individual or third-party organization to sell some or all of their Web hosting services.
    bodHOST | Managed Web Hosting Services | 24x7 Support
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