do you run into problems using "vzmigrate" tool for OpenVZ?

I got these issues:

Error: IPv6 not loaded on destination node
Insufficient CPU capabilities: can't migrate
Error: Error: CPU capabilities check failed!
Error: Destination node CPU is not compatible
Error: Can't continue live migration

the migration can proceed by adding "-f" parameter like: vzmigrate -f -v ***

Regarding CPU, it can have many meanings, but here is the usefull quote:
You may forcibly migrate VE (use '-f' switch of 'vzmigrate' utility) and after VE is migrated, just check if it works correctly on destination node, if not - restart VE, it should correctly detect all available CPU extensions.
Regarding IPv6, you should probably set IPv6 support on your new host node according tot his manual:

VM/VPS at old server stopped working in migration process - it can mean migration is complete and VM/VPS is now running on the new server. If you need to start VM/VPS at old server, try to rename /etc/vz/conf/VMID.conf.migrated to VMID.conf

i used this command:
to migrate one vm:
vzmigrate -v --remove-area no --online --keep-dst --ssh="-p 22" NEWVPSHOSTSERVERIP

to migrate all (a sh script):
for CT in $(vzlist -H -o veid); do vzmigrate -v --remove-area no --online --keep-dst --ssh="-p 22" NEWVPSHOSTSERVERIP $CT; done

do above command only when you sure what does it do, read "man vzmigrate" and backup your VMs first (man vzdump)