Inputs from current or ex Google employee, contractor or business associate needed urgently, especially in India, to understand the company work culture,talent acquisition techniques, contractor hiring procedure. Would also like know about the tactics it is using to take over or destroy potential competitors for its products or services, especially whether some of the tactics used are borderline illegal like supporting identity theft, hacking laptops, interception of email, so that legal action can be taken, human rights abuses.

Human rights abuses of webmasters which may be sponsored by Google include
1. putting experienced webmasters under surveillance for years, using mind reading equipment, wasting Indian tax payer money and breach of human rights
2. spreading false rumours defaming the webmaster
3.encouraging and rewarding people who cheat the webmaster and loot her money like Nayanshree Hathwar
4. encouraging her jealous batchmates and others to hold her savings of twenty years to ransom
5. intercepting her email, phone calls, SMSes, making it difficult to contact customers, relatives and friends
6.encourage powerful people in the Indian internet industry to misuse the webmasters name behind her back to steal privileges and lucrative assignments from the webmaster to promote their undeserving friends and relatives.
7.encouraging, protecting and supporting people to make false accusations of payment against the webmaster without proof.
Inputs on whether it uses the services of hackers or NSA to tamper with the electronic devices of the webmaster will also be appreciated.