Hi, what is Your experience with Hetzner InstallImage system for installing OS Images?

Official FAQ Page: http://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Installimage/en
Operating Systems available in InstallImage: http://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Standardimages/en
How to apply custom OS image: http://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Eigene_Images_installieren/en

after rescue mode is enabled from Robot (server manager of Hetzner) and server is restarted, one can access rescue mode via Terminal doing command: ssh [email protected]
then after login using rescue password, it appears like this:

When doing command "installimage", this appears:

When selected an OS template, one can edit partitioning and such details:

To access newly installed OS, one can do command "reboot" and then access system with same password as into rescue mode.