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Thread: How to aware about scam sites?

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    Cool How to aware about scam sites?

    Give your suggestion about how any one can find any site scam or not? Is any method or sites that provide such listing. I only know scamadvisor.

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    You have raised a very good point and yes itís extremely important to identify scam in order to keep yourself away from any potential threat. Scamadvisor is a great place which provides information about such sites besides this what you can also do is checking out online reviews and reputation of the website before associating yourself with the same. If anyone of you play online lottery games then checking out is must for you.

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    Best method according to me is Google.

    enter domain name ( into google and Search or you can also add words like review, scam or forum to better narrow the search results

    Also the biggest discussion forums is are usually updated so you can find negative reviews there. But again its good/quick to use google to find such discussions. As a search query use domain name and add word like "forum"

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