Please share Your honest experience about this company - Hetzner
The Hetzner is german dedicated server provider.

My experience:

- It took them 12+ hours (business day VERY BAD) to approve my bidding server request (sent scanned identity card). THis is repated case. they work only 8 hours a day regarding provisioning i think.
- poor support, dont care what i ask, short non helpfull answers.
- after i ordered server and need to know answer on some questions, i need to ask around 6 times again and again untill they finally give clear answer. its repeated case. The idiot who is head of support should be quikcly kicked.
- an invoice must be paid or these suckers will forward it to debt collect agency instead just cancelling server, they dont cancel server if invoice not paid. beware!!!! you need to cancel before due date, not keep non-payment)
- After installing an old Cent OS5.x from their installimage menu, i was unable to connect server.

- email support response is quite quick within an hour email response on week days.
- Good prices on used bidding/auction servers. (similar to OVH)
- Fast IP-RIPE assign - additional IP-RIPE block i bought (easilly bought from Robot) was assigned in around 15 minutes! But only in business hours i assume!
- Easy to use Robot (server managing interface)