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Thread: Why americans so fat?

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    Why americans so fat?

    Why are americans fat? The USA is one of the fattest country.. what is the cause?

    http://www.infoplease.com/world/statistics/obesity.html - also some paciffic countries are..

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    I think the problem is the lot of fastfood they eat, but maybe this is not the main reason and there are others for this.

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    The main reason is the fast food, fast food is very unhealthy food. that's why they are fat.

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    Because they eat fast food regularly and everyone knows that fast food is increasing fats which cause lots of diseases especially for heart.

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    They are fat because they don't care. They eat prepackaged meals, don't move enough to burn off the calories, and load their minds with stress.

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    they don't give damn about being fat.

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