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Thread: How do webmasters deal with glamorous young liars?

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    How do webmasters deal with glamorous young liars?

    How do webmasters deal with glamorous young liars, who falsely claim to be involved in a webmasters business? She is a fantastic flirt, so the powerful men in the Indian internet industry believe her lies, and give her great powers, including surveillance over the webmaster. How to expose her lies and stop her from misusing the webmasters name.

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    what is the way she misuse webmasters name? Is she doing anything illegal or stealing anything?

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    Yes, it caused great financial losses, because the webmaster has been denied lucrative introductions, assignments and privileges which have gone to the liar who has and is misusing her name. It is now very difficult to get any kind of work, since emails, phone calls and SMSes are also intercepted by the liars, while the webmaster has to pay many domain renewal and webhosting bills.

    The list of people who have cheated the webmaster is endless- Nayanshree Hathwar and Siddhi Mandrekar, daughter of Sufal Mandrekar are just two frauds who have greatly benefited by misusing the webmasters name. Google is also involved in the scam of encouraging frauds to cheat experienced webmasters in India for identity theft purposes. This is a clear indication of the hypocrisy of Google. Hostgator is another company which has been misled. Some Indian banks are also supporting these frauds. Actually a case under section 420 of cheating can be filed against them.

    These cheats and their gang now have powers to sabotage the webmasters business even further, because they convincingly misused her name when they actually wanted to destroy her life. It is time to put a permanent end to the scam by these liars, so that they never ever dare misuse the webmasters name, and also reverse the powers they have been given, which they are abusing to exploit the webmaster.

    If you had been cheated by your greatest enemy, would you not want to take revenge? If you keep quiet these shameless liars and frauds will continue to exploit and become rich, while the webmasters will find it even more difficult to make money. This nonsense has been going for nearly four years now.

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