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Thread: How to create proxy software for downloading website by various ip address?

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    How to create proxy software for downloading website by various ip address?

    how to create proxy bundled software that can browse downloading site by various proxy ip address? And can download by various ip address?

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    If you mean Windows software which will browse some website and do some clicks (or even solving captcha), then you need very good skills or i guess ti pay someone like 100-300+usd to make it.
    If you need to download website, than it is easy via linux.
    i use wget, google "archiving a website with wget"

    PS: there are also Windows softwares that cycle thru the proxy list and automatically change the proxy IP thru which u access internet. Then u can take another software which recors some mouse move and clicks and make a macro of it which is then played.. i used EZMacros for this.. there are many other

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