i have linux Debian (Tails distribution) and i tried to follow Skype Pidgin install guide at http://eion.robbmob.com/

"To install, run the deb package or copy libskype.so to the plugins directory, normally /usr/lib/purple-2/ or ~/.purple/plugins"

That is what i did, i coppied all files:
libskype.so (32-bit)
libskype64.so (64-bit)
libskype_dbus.so (Finch 32-bit)
libskype_dbus64.so (Finch 64-bit)

i added these files to these two folders in usr/lib/purple-2 and also usd/lib/pidgin/plugins

but after pidgin start, i cant add skype protocol nor see any skype plugin in plugins of pidgin...
please any idea?

Thank you

// i think cause is that i have been using bad operating system (Tails), which dont allow proper writing/reading from the partition where i copied above mentioned files.