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Thread: How to backup hosting account

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    How to backup hosting account

    Can you imagine Your hosting suddenly stop working?
    Your website is DOWN, you cant access your files, no support...
    And worst of all - you dont have backup you could be moving to another hosting company...

    You can prevent data loss! (by backing up your account regularly)

    Disclaimer: If you dont understand anything in below text, dont proceed, you may delete your data accidentally.

    a) How to Backup hosting Using cPanel or other control panel
    Are you using cPanel control panel? Or similar? Go to hosting control panel (maybe yourdomain.tld/cpanel) and find "Backups" icon or link, click it. Then in section "Full backup" you can click "Download" button to DL your backup. Or click "Download a Full Website Backup" button which is more complicated way to backup.

    b) Manual backup using FTP and PHPMyAdmin
    Learn what are Your FTP login details (was emailed to you during hosting setup). Use so called FTP program to connect your webhosting account. Then you can copy your hosting files to your computer. But files are not everything. Usually most precious is Your mysql database because it contains all data people saved on your website. To backup mysql, use PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyAdmin can be accessed usually from your hosting control panel (cPanel example). There you find PHPMyAdmin icon and login it using your mysql username and mysql password. If you cant remember your login, go to your hosting account File manager or FTP and find your script configuration file. Usually each script using mysql has such file where are set mysql details (config.php, db.php, mysql.php...). You can also ask your hosting provider. Then in PHPMyAdmin click "Export" tab. Then select all tables and do export as a file .zip or .tar.gz. These files can be then imported back into blank database.

    c) backup from CMS
    Some CMS like Wordpress supports plugins which allows automatic backup of mysql database. Google: wordpress autobackup mysql; joomla automatic backups etc.

    d) do automated/regular backups to remote Linux server/VPS
    You may backup your hosting account automatically using bash scripts. It requires some basic Linux knowledge. Here is how to do it.


    Many hosting companies does not backup their clients data and delegate this responsibility to their clients.

    Here is how to prevent loss of your precious hosting data, backup your hosting regularly! (Schedule this task)

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    In case anyone was wondering i just want to keep an offsite back-up of my website in case of damage to my own hardware
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    Thank you for this blog

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    Thank you for this blog

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    If your blog is down it is due to server downing. You just have to check the SQL Database sync server on assignment help here you will get the steps that how you can check the server issues.

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    Thanks for the shared answer, It's very simple to understand. keep it up. - Web Hosting Company India
    WordPress Hosting India | VPS Hosting India

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    If you are using cpanel then you can check this guide to recover and take backup of your account. You can check this link for that.

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