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Thread: How to get traffic to a food blog?

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    Learn to Take Great Photos. ...
    Write Eye-Catching Post Titles. ...
    Focus on Your Readers. ...
    Incorporate SEO Strategies. ...
    Show Related Posts. ...
    Add Attention-Getters to Your Posts. ...
    Try Guest Blogging. ...
    Use Social Media – Free and Paid.

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    -Find the target keyword
    -Write the best title
    -Write useful content

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    Very interesting, thanks a lot for sharing! I would like to start a blog about food, specifically some desserts for example. Maybe you will be able to give me some interesting and helpful tips here. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

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    None of these answers really address the core issue. Search up any recipe on Google and you will see Google provides recipe snippets extracted from websites. In the specific industry, I would recommend a website that has Shema markup for recipes because those recipes snippets get ost of the traffic. Of course their os more out there for wemasters and loggers than just google, emailing campaigns still work and social media like Facebook and Instagram are always big lovers of food-related content. However, if you don't have a big following you will need to do influencer marketing or paid advertising.

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    SEO. Dont underestimate this at all if you want to run a successful food blog.

    Set up small goals for yourself.
    Content is king.
    Create a content calendar.
    Time management and dedication.
    Invest in your blog.
    Social Media & Email List.

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