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Thread: Forex trading

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    Forex trading

    How to find a good and safe broker for it? Share with your experience please. Thanks.

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    I would be searching some websites that compare brokers. Browse a few and compare their top picks.

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    Hello, dear. I am a professional experienced trader, and I think that you in the correct way! I would suggest everyone learn trading strategies and invest this amount of money in trading. Just choose a reliable broker company like everfxglobal and achieve your success in one year as I have made. Hope that can help you.

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    If you're looking for safe broker especially if you're in the Middle East then I highly recommend this review of

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    You must find a broker that you like, that you can afford to pay their commissions, that allows you to trade from your country, that has the type of investments you want to make (there are many types of brokers, futures, forex, cfds, etc.), etc. You cannot trade without a broker, it is a necessary condition.

    I link you to the trading article so you can read it better.
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    Look for broker reviews on the forex forums.

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    Before I open a forex account I search for something like "top 5 forex trading platforms", here are my top 5 and then select a forex broker which meets my needs. It really depends on your trading style and what features you actually want from your forex platform.
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    In my opinion, when trader looking at the broker the step that need to become a consideration is
    • Regulation, this important for a company listed on the regulatory body.
    • Trading condition, not all brokers allow scalping or use robot, check this matter
    • Trader reviews, take information from a trader that has experience using these broker
    • payment system, check we can use the specific payment method that is available.
    • Spread and low trading commission.

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    I am using Trading Broker that is working fine with me!

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    If the already found a good broker and we trust the company, hence we will be comfortable as long as the broker gives good service from the trading condition, customer support, withdrawn process are smooth, I am happy with the FXOpen broker till now.

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