Dear xxx,
I just would like to inform you about the places where lots of your potential customers have no chance to chose you and forced to chose
hostgator, godaddy or 1 and 1...
Some ideas I have regarding that:
- Give chance for people to learn more about you, to get who you are. You have some experience in industry so I assume there is
something to tell your potential customer.
- if you are known - they will always give you opportunity to be chosen. If they do not know who you are how do you assume they can choose
you? Each customer create list of considered companies and I do not think that is bad Idea
- Would you buy phone or notebook you have never heard about ? I believe not. I suppose you will do some research and then find out some
reviews or at least mention by someone ever used that.
- What would you trust more: radio commercial or suggestion from a friend? The same feelings and thoughts do have your potential
- that is quite difficult to make people be aware of you or discuss you. But that is possible.
You can do it but that is really difficult.
- Word of mouth. The best place is public media I’m referring to.
- Being respected. If you are an independent observer and you have good reputation on the certain public media site any word you say willbe accepted as absolutely truth.
- most likely if someone find you in webhost catalog or on search engine he will go through testimonials or your company mentions. And if
there is nothing – I’m 100% certain he will stop considering you as potential host. But if he will discover your hosting services
are the ones people like and discuss I believe he will give a go.
In any case I do understand that process and can offer you a help of getting your name spotlighted there.