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Thread: VPSs must have its own IP?

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    VPSs must have its own IP?

    On dedicated server do i need to assign one IP address to each VPS, or they can use one address - main address of the Dedicated server?

    I dont understand how some companies can sell VPSs under $2 monthly when IP address itself cost this amount..??

    UPDATE: i think some providers offer this because it is better to rent for lower price than do not rent at all. They may have many free IPs and they need to put them in use. Later they can raise price.

    By the way i found that indeed it is possible that the VPSs gets IP of the dedicated host server and using port forwarding (NAT) each VPS gets assigned certain port so can this way communicate independently via this "dedicated" port. That is just my theory never tried this.

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    Of course each of the VPS created on the server must have it's own IP address. You can also use the same IP address of the VPS for pointing your domain. This can be done in many ways. say, if you want your VPS to have multiple interfaces, and multiple IP addresses(IP aliasing).
    Andrew D. Larioza
    Customer Support, GMO Cloud America Inc.

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