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Thread: Good Indian Web Hosts to Get VPS?

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    Good Indian Web Hosts to Get VPS?

    My requirements:
    HD - 30 gbs
    Bandwidth - 500 gbs
    RAM - 1 gb
    OS - Linux
    Location - India
    Would like to hear your views on - Are they reliable?
    Any info on their customer support, are they responsive? Any discounts please?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should checkout webwerks for Indian VPS, they are pretty reliable.

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    If your target is EU/US countries I strongly recommend you to look for EU provider. Indian Datacenters are known for their slow speed to EU/USA.

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    I see most of peoples who ask for hosting/vps does not provide that what is their budget. ;(

    Purchasing a VPS with 500GB bw in India is very expensive. There is hundred of providers in India and most of claim that they are best.
    Free Web Hosting from Dewlance - Trusted & old company.
    PreMadeKB WHMCS Addons

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    You can also checkout SERVERWALA, Very affordable, Have their data center in Indore. Ask for speed test before buying it in India.

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    In my point of view Server Basket provides best services of VPS in Inida. Over the past several years, virtual private servers, or VPS hosting has become most popular. As these vps server technologies increase in performance and functionality, this is only expected to continue. There are so many reasons why an organization would choose to host their website or application on a VPS. VPS hosting is less expensive when compared to Dedicated hosting There are so many hosting providers are available in India. All of them are providing different plans and offers. Here the thing is choosing the best hosting among hundreds of providers. So done a plenty of research on the hosting providers. Finally I found go daddy, server basket and hosting source are providing the reliable hosting services. You are looking for hosting at low budget then Server Basket provides the hosting services at low prices at the same time they are providing reliable vps hosting services.
    For VPS hosting I strongly recommend you to take a look on it for the following reasons:
    1) Stable and Secure
    2) Pure SSD drives
    3) Best value for money
    4) High Privacy Protection
    5) Reliability and scalability
    6)24/7 expert support

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    SPICYHOSTS has its servers at India,USA ,Russia ,Germany, Netherlands .Best of hosting services at affordable price and with premium support.Because i'm using there services since a year

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    You can also use Clientvps services

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    Quên viết chap,rồi đến chap 2 thôi

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