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Thread: Server4you review

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    Server4you review

    ok, so i ordered server from server4you today at Saturday. Order was quick, except phone number. 3 fields, i enterered country prefix and to the third large field whole number. But when order submitted i received an email that they tried to call me, but i have wrong number. Ok, im very dissatisfied with this. I excepted server will be quickly delivered I will update there on my review as time will go. Their support is live on the weekends too. Reply time is around 1 hours to 5 hours.

    It was finally settled, some number called me on Sunday morning, no one was there so i hanged out. Within hour Setup is ready, and i have access to Server4you control panel.
    There You can install an OS on Your server. There are much choices. You can use Linux OS + LAMP too. Server install / restore is free and it was done within aroun one hour! Just select OS and click button from control panel.

    Ok, my server was setup pretty fast. The thing i dont like is forcing telephone contact and badly made telephone field in signup.

    Server4You cheat on customer regarding pricing

    Ok, i ordered an server from them. The price they declare is most often 10 € or $ lower than when you buy it (you dont want to pay around $,€150 setup feee..

    Then there is another cheat from Server4you. They mention prices without VAT (tax), its means You will pay even around €,$10 more.

    I have been cheated by Server4You because they dont openly declare their price and i missed this small text regarding VAT.

    Be carefull, You will be paying more with Server4You than they prettending.

    They want to cheat You this way.


    Update 2 (Summer 2014):
    Their billing support is lazy, even when it comes to getting money from me. Their billing comunicate slowly and sometimes even did not received reply. But issue was solved. They do NOT provide client oriented support service.

    Alternative server providers:
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