CBI should officially admit that it pays gujju housewife naina a salary only for sex services
In 2018, R&AW associates officially admitted on quora, that goan call girl R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi were paid a monthly salary for their sex services, they were hired for laying a honey trap. R&AW is free to hire any number of women for honey trapping, the google competitor, domain investor and engineer is least bothered if she is not defamed.

Now the domain investor, who is defamed by cbi, raw, ntro, security agencies, google, tata without any proof at all, also wants cbi to officially admit that it pays the kolhapur born google tata sponsored gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh,mother of nikhil,karan, a monthly salary only for her sex services to top ntro employees like parmar, parekh, nikhil, it can be legally proved that the indian and goan governments favorite school dropout has no engineering qualification, experience, has no online income, no online investment

CBI is only repeating the complete lies of the powerful ntro employees like parmar, parekh who are trading sex for power and wasting indian taxpayer money , when they make fake claims that the gujju sex service provider naina, a semi literate fraud is an experienced engineer, online expert .

The ruthless gujju ntro employees have no right to complain of defamation, because they really defamed the domain investor, engineer for 10 years, having their section 420 fraud associates file fake cases without any proof at all, so everyone should be aware of the fact that cbi employee naina is the top gujju sex service provider in goa , she is not a online expert