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Thread: Litespeed questions

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    Litespeed questions

    Litespeed is Apache webserver alternative. It is claimed to be faster than Apache. Issue is that it is limitted:

    Please can anyone help answer these questions?

    It (open litespeed) dont have anything written in column: Hosting control panel compatible (when you see the website there)how should i understand it? Like it has no limittation on domains?

    2) Apache mod_security rules - NOTHING ... is there any alternative for litespeed?

    3) What means not Full .htaccess support

    4) CloudLinux compatibility - does it mean i cant use it with cloud linux? Or how can i use it, whats the difference in no support and support for cloud linux?

    thank you

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    There are possible answers:

    If a column is left blank, that means that feature is not available in that version. Thus:

    1. OpenLiteSpeed is not hosting control panel compatible.

    2. OpenLiteSpeed is not compatible with mod_security rules. You can, however, configure OpenLiteSpeed's setting to limit that bandwidth and connections that IPs can use up. These settings are found under the Security tab in OpenLiteSpeed's configurations.

    3. OpenLiteSpeed currently does not read .htaccess files. It does understand Apache rewrite rule syntax, though. If you copy your rewrite rules into OpenLiteSpeed's virtual host configurations (remembering that the syntax should be that of a httpd.conf file, not a .htaccess file), OpenLiteSpeed will understand them.

    4. OpenLiteSpeed cannot be used with CloudLinux.

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