i can do relevant posting on blogs, forums and guestbooks. using famous blackhat tools Xrumer, Scrapebox.

This linkbuilding has some value, but its not recommended to promote important salespages. Rather testing pages separate from important website/domain.

I advise this linkbuilding to just raise occurence of your company name, website name.

For example, creating a new thread at 100 different forums / domains and in your signature your company name. Example: InternetLifeForum.com

It is known Google penalise for bulk linkbuilding, this might be in my oppinion way to promote. Non links. But who knows.

So if you want me to build forum posts on hundreds of forums from me, i will try.

The price starts from $10 for 100 forums (your post at 100 domains!)

Please contact me, i will try to do what you want.