Hi, i found their website thanks to Google Adsense ad on Google search.


It looks quite attractive, online chat support works. What attracted me is the free domain for life + SSL and price of $3 monthly, unlimited space etc... ofcourse you cant abuse the space for backups.

Here are the parameters of the TMDHosting:

memory limit =256 MB
max_execution_time = 300
maximum php/mysql connections at a time - no limitation depends on the memory consumption your script has
maximum emails sent hourly using mail function? - 100

for example at hostgator i have 25 concurrent connections
TMDHosting shared hosting server's limitation is 15 concurrent connections
legal adult and casino/gambling content is accepted? Yes

What i think about TMDhosting: The price is very good for the tech parameters and free domain. I think this is handy for hosting high disk space sites with low visits (max. 15 concurent connections)

Hope that help, if you have any review, please share it thx