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Thread: XEON E3 processor how many physical CPUs?

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    XEON E3 processor how many physical CPUs?


    i know in desktop PC, i have Core 2 Quad, Its single processor computing unit and 4 cores in it... if im not wrong.
    But i want to ask if i rent Xeon E3 CPU server in datacenter. This server main board has 4 physical CPU units and in each 2 cores? (total 8 cores)? Or how it is?

    Update: possibly the best is to verify on vendor website by searching for the CPU name:

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    The XEON E3 processor is a 64-bit processor that has up to 18 cores. It uses a new architecture called Skylake, designed to improve performance and power efficiency. In addition, all of the cores are physical processors, meaning they can run at full speed even when multiple applications run in parallel. As a result, it is perfect for high-performance computing applications, such as data analytics, gaming, and video editing.

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