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Thread: College?

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    Do you plan on going to college? And for those of you who have already graduated, what did you think of college? I plan on going to college after I graduate high school. I really think it will benefit me and I just would like to experience it. So what about you?

    What about you? Care to share?

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    Im already graduate. Its really cool if you are graduate. I suggest you to study hard to become like me :P

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    It would be better to spend 5 years working than go to college, 5 years experience in any work could lead more better results than the degrees. Off course if you are good in studies you may do both together.

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    In my opinion, college is necessary for our future. We should learn something that will help us. Of course, studying is never easy and sometimes you need to get university assignment help UK to overcome it. I know that's a great stress for us to do so much homework. But I am sure, we will manage it.

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    College is an important stage of life that helps to create a successful career.

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    You should definetly go for it, I am graduated and trust my this will help, maybe not in landing a job but you will have oppornutiy to meet a lot of new people.

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    Student years are the most amazing time, I think. It really helps you develop and learn to be part of the system. But it's also a lot of stress. It is very difficult to compete with people, compete with yourself, constantly worry about assessments, and monitor https://www.prepler.com/college-gpa-calculator so that your GPA does not drop.

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