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Thread: Whois privacy and GDPR, how it works?

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    Whois privacy and GDPR, how it works?


    does the GDPR (personal data protection directive of the European Union) means that all websites (hosted in EU or USA, owned by EU or USA entity) should stop showing private data seen in domain's WHOIS?

    I mean if i registered a domain name and my private data got distributed on various WHOIS history sites without my explicint consent, they need to remove this data now because of GDPR? Or else they can face fines?

    Example sites that index and shows private domain data (WHOIS) without explicit consent:

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    The data is removed for .info and .org domains , there is less change for .com

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    GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which goes on-board on 25th May 2018. It is the new digital data privacy and protection policy, that is rewritten by European legislators. The GDPR is designed to “harmonise” data privacy rules across Europe as well as to give better data protection rights to individuals.
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