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Thread: Rules

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    Post Rules

    Rules of the internetlifeforum.com

    When You are looking for help, you prefer to quickly find helpful answers right? So please keep this forum helpful without off-topic or useless posts.

    Advertise in section Advertising or "Offers" kind of section. Not in general discussion, else you will be temporarily banned and your content permanently deleted. You may also add links to your signature.

    Your posts should be:

    - on topic
    - original / unique
    - useful / helpful


    In another words, do NOT post:
    - off-topic posts (create new topic instead or use Ads/Offers section)
    - messages copied from other forums or websites (you may quote parts, but core of your message should be unique helpful content)
    - any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise law (US, EU violating)


    The owners of the forum reserve the right to remove (permanently delete), edit, move any website content (example: forum posts, threads, accounts) for any reason.


    Do you have any questions or ideas? Please send me a personal message.

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    Ok I read and understood!

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    Junior Member Cliffordperez's Avatar
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    United Kingdom
    Completely understood.

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    All done. Thanks for the notification.

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    thanks for sending an email regarding of this .

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    Gotcha! All the best with the forum. I enjoy the tone of it already.

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    Junior Member SammiRose's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    yes, i agree and will follow the same

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    I carefully read it and understand it.

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    Understandable rules, thank you and I understand

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    Yes I do. I respect the wish of others and will not disturb them with promotions of my own products.

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