Hi, please how one can see how many emails are in qmail queue and how to empty that queue?

EDIT: I think i found it.

Number of queued mails in qmail can be seen when doing command:
To empty queue, one should stop qmail, then empty appropriate folders in /var/qmail/queue/
and start qmail again.

Example i did these commands (do on your own risk).

to show number of queued mails
to see sizes of the queue subfolders:
du /var/qmail/queue/ -h --max-depth=1
These are folders in my case: bounce info intd local lock mess pid remote todo

first backup queue folder by command:
/sbin/service qmail stop;cp -R /var/qmail/queue/ /var/qmail/queue_bckp/;/sbin/service qmail start
so you can restore it in case of problems

to stop qmail, empty ALL queue folders:
service qmail stop
find /var/qmail/queue/$i -type f -delete
service qmail start
or a bash script can be used:
/sbin/service qmail stop
for i in bounce info intd local mess remote todo; do
find /var/qmail/queue/$i -type f -delete;
/sbin/service qmail start
in my case "lock" and "pid" folders was left, not emptied.