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Thread: Paid to click programs, tried?

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    Paid to click programs, tried?

    Can You please share your experience with paid to click programs (PTC), meaning paid to click banner ads, paid to click links in emails..? You earn any money with it? What would you say about it?

    In my case i tried these some years back as a young person and i would say these are very hard to earn some money. You waste alot of time, but when really believing and putting alot of effort and you have referring new people skills, then you might earn something, but regularly earning for living just with PTC is i think rare case. Also i dont recommend putting all your money and time into it, because these sites can disappear/delete your account and U are lost.

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    I also joined some PTC sites. And still I am clicking ads . I want to share my serious experience about PTC.
    I am from Bangladesh. In here some years ago may be 3 or 4 years ago there are many PTC site such as Dolancer, SkyLancers, ClickEarn, Global AdsOnline, NewSheraton, BDS Click and many more. I was invest some money (Less than 7000BDT) and became ruin. Because after my investment all the PTC sites gone down. For this reason I don't believe PTC site for investment. One friendly advice from me: Before invest in any PTC site, you should collect all the details about the site.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I do not believe in such income, it is better to choose something safer

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    I tried this way before and as a result did not have anything I was cheated and took a week to sit click ads for others.

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