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Thread: How to install "sensors" on linux to meter temperature?

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    How to install "sensors" on linux to meter temperature?


    i want to meter temperature on my linux centos 5.x 64 dedi and VPS so i tried:

    yum install lm_sensors

    it was installed, then i did:

    # sensors
    No sensors found!

    Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
    Try sensors-detect to find out which these are.

    Then i tried:

    # sensors-detect
    /sys/bus/pci/devices: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/sensors-detect line 2326.

    Also i tried then to install "yum install lm_sensors-devel.x86_64" but it does not help. Any idea please?

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    To set up temperature monitoring on your CentOS 5.x server or VPS using lm_sensors, follow these steps:

    Install lm_sensors using yum install lm_sensors.

    Run sensors to check if sensors are detected. If not found, proceed to the next step.

    Execute sensors-detect as root. Follow the prompts to detect and configure sensor drivers for your hardware.

    If sensors-detect encounters errors like "/sys/bus/pci/devices: No such file or directory", ensure your kernel supports hardware monitoring and necessary modules are loaded.

    Manually load modules with modprobe (e.g., modprobe coretemp, modprobe hwmon) based on your zumba on demand hardware.

    Re-run sensors-detect and follow any additional instructions to enable sensors.

    Once sensors are detected, use sensors command to monitor temperatures and other sensor data.

    Consult lm_sensors documentation or community forums for further troubleshooting specific to your hardware and CentOS version.
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