This page was blank when i accessed it, please how to debug the cause of the WHMCS blank page?


If at any time you encounter a blank or partially formatted page in the WHMCS system that means a fatal error is occurring in WHMCS and error reporting is disabled by default. So to identify exactly what is causing that, ensure display_errors is enabled in the server's PHP configuration and enable the Setup > General Settings > Other tab > Display Errors option

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, then reproduce the blank page problem. You should now see an error output to the screen now instead of blank page.....

I seen this:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare authorizeecheck_activate() in /home/*/public_html/modules/gateways/authorizeecheck.php on line 7
I had two files of authorizeecheck.php, so i left only one, default one fromd efault WHMCS isntall (same version as one you have installed)

Once testing is complete, be sure to untick the option or remove the $display_errors line again from that file so that clients aren't getting warnings or errors.