do you know any good alternatives to PayPal for WHMCS (automated if possible)?
My PayPal got banned. I listen "Google Checkout" and "2CO" might be alternative. 2CO is claimed to support paypal thru them...

- 2CO (2Checkout) should accept PayPal and someone says its best paypal alternative. It have around $50 setup fee, they require your company basic details, what you are selling etc. I registered thru WHMCS 2CO offer, coupon "WHMCS2CO" but it appears they still require 10USD non refundable fee just for application

- Payza dont accepts PP, but accepts credit card payments, new merchants cant get custommers money instantly, several days untill they get unfrozen and avaialble.

WHMCS Payment Gateway modules: http://docs.whmcs.com/Payment_Gateways