A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a digital certificate that shows website’s identity and provide secure, encrypted communications between a website server and a visitor’s browser.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?
An SSL certificate secures your private information like usernames, passwords, credit card information, etc. It also:
• Keeps the data safe between server and browser
• Enhance customer trust
• Builds strong relationship with customers
• Improves conversion rates
• Raises your Google SERP Rankings

Domain Validation SSL Certificates
• Rapid SSL - Rs 2250/year
• Positive SSL - Rs 2000/year
• EssentialSSL – Rs 2000/year
• SSL 123 - Rs 3015/year
• QuickSSL Premium - Rs 3685/year
• EssentialSSL Wildcard – Rs 7035/year
• PositiveSSL Wildcard - Rs 7350/year
• RapidSSL Wildcard - Rs 7500/year

Organization Validation SSL Certificates
• Secure Site - Rs 21000/year
• Secure Site Pro - Rs 48350/year
• True BusinessID - Rs 6500/year
• True BusinessID Wildcard - Rs 24500/year
• PremiumSSL Wildcard - Rs 10150/year
• InstallSSL Pro - Rs 4500/year
• SSL Web Server - Rs 34500/year
• SGC Super Certs - Rs 21500/year
• Instant SSL - Rs 3350/year
• PremiumSSL - Rs 5560/year

Extended Validation SSL Certificates
• Secure Site with EV - Rs 48500/year
• Secure Site Pro with EV - Rs 73060/year
• Comodo EV SSL - Rs 11988/year
• Comodo EV SGC SSL - Rs 13500/year
• SSL Webserver EV - Rs 7650/year
• The BusinessID with EV - Rs 11720/year

Keep the data secure and build and enhance your customer’s trust.
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