In this period that we are living and that no one was expecting, there are some who can help more than others.
In that sense and in order to be able to also thank you for the time spent reading this email, we want to leave you an offer.

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Advanced Shared Web Hosting Package for 6 months

With 22 years of expertise in Web Hosting & IT industries, with a goal of providing latest and top-notch services, HostWebis is designed for the purpose of providing to small businesses and individuals web hosting services at affordable prices.

As a promotional offer, HostWebis provides any of all it’s shared hosting plan, included FREE SSL with hosting for the lifetime.

Having SSL (https://) on your website is not only make your website secure and trusted but also helps in better ranking in SEO. Google has also announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking.

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